Creating Smarter Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

Posted by Mary Ann Roberts

Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Create Smarter Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRMThroughout the year, associations engage in a number of different campaignsfundraising, membership, event marketing and more. To ensure successes for these campaigns, it’s important to organize and track campaign activities and their effectiveness throughout each campaign. Responses collected during these campaigns can be used to help enrich member data if they are integrated with your association management system (AMS). In addition, integrating campaigns with your AMS means that all campaigns are in one central locationencouraging departments throughout the organization to coordinate efforts.

The native Marketing Campaigns functionality in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM gives associations the tools needed to plan, run, track and report on campaigns without custom development, which can save time and money for the organization.

Campaign Records
Campaign records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM centralize all of your efforts for a specific initiative, including planning activities, targeted marketing lists, campaign emails, follow up phone calls and campaign responses. Since these Campaign records are part of the centralized association management system, staff from different departments can view the records. For example, both the event planning and finance departments can see the overall budget and advertising plan for an event.

Planning & Campaign Activities
Running a successful campaign requires planning. Organize internal taskssuch as reserving a venue for an event, organizing a meeting to determine a fundraising campaign’s goals or creating a targeted marketing listwithin a Campaign record by adding Planning Activities. Use Campaign Activities to keep track of any external outreach involved in a campaign, like mailings, phone calls or advertising. These activities are recorded in the Activities record of each contact on your campaign’s marketing list and are accessible by staff members across the organization, enabling collaboration between and within departments.

Marketing Lists
Each campaign utilizes marketing lists, which can include any type of customer record, including leads, accounts or contacts. There are two types of marketing lists within Marketing Campaigns that serve very different purposes: static and dynamic.

Static lists are a snapshot in time. They show all the members at a specific time and do not update or change when new members are added to the system. You would use this type of list when sending contacts to your mail house for a print mailing or targeting donors as of a specific date.

A dynamic list constantly updates based on changes to the AMS database. You can use this type of list when you want to send reminder emails to members who have registered for an event, who need to renew their membership or who recently completed a certification. The system recognizes members’ statuses based on predetermined criteriasuch as event registration, membership due date or course completionand they are then added to the dynamic list.

Campaign Performance
In order to measure campaign performance, we recommend that Campaign responses are collected. Campaign responses can be collected a number of waysmanually, changing a campaign activity to a response, importing responses, enabling email tracking and using mail merge to automatically generate email responses. In addition, you can build workflows that are triggered by different responses. For example, if a lapsed member responds to an email during a member drive, that response can trigger a workflow for a follow-up phone call to thank them for their interest in coming back and possibly to find out why they left the organization and what the organization can do to get the member to renew.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Marketing features make it simple to report on your campaigns. The Campaign Performance Report calculates different key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to compare campaigns. It also provides pre-designed reports to analyze and present your data.

By using the native Marketing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your association can gather data that will help make future campaigns more successfulwithout customizing your association management system. This saves you time and money and allows you to optimize the investment you’ve already made in your AMS software.

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