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Wed, Feb 15, 2017

Protech Employee Spotlight - Mike BeckerOver the past 9 years Protech Quality Assurance Specialist Mike Becker has seen a lot of changes. Most notably is the evolution of Protech’s MX Online product. Mike began working with MX Online, originally code named “Diamond,” in 2010 and has continued to help improve its functionality for seven years. As part of the Quality Assurance (QA) team, Mike tests current and soon-to-be released MX Online functionality, collaborates with others to create release notes for MX Online and works with Protech Solution Consultants to validate client reported issues in QA environments.

“Keeping up with the ever-changing QA testing environments, while supporting multiple versions of our UX and MX Online products, can be a challenge. However, when I’m working with my peers and managers, I feel like I am a part of a team that is working together toward the same goal,” says Mike.

Prior to Protech, Mike worked as a driver for an off-site storage company during the day and provided general database services for two different companies—one of which was his mother’s small business—at night. Mike had always enjoyed working with computers, so when his mother needed a database for her business, Mike designed one for her. More than 20 years, and a few upgrades later, her company still uses the database Mike built. When an accident at work left Mike unable to continue driving, he found Protech and secured a three-month paid internship. At the end of that internship, Protech offered him a job and the rest, as they say, is history.

When he is not at work or working on remodeling projects at home, Mike can be found fishing, crabbing or exploring the Chesapeake Bay in his boat. The Chesapeake Bay has been a passion of his since he started boating at 12 years old with an 8-foot row boat. He even wanted to be a Bay Pilot at one time.

“When I was younger, a friend of my dad’s was a Chesapeake Bay Pilot. They are the guys who bring the large ships up the bay and into the harbor. The pay was good and, since they are local, they get to spend a lot of time on the water without being away from family,” says Mike.

Mike lives in Columbia, Maryland, with his wife, Zoe (pictured on the left), 15-year-old Senegal parrot, Cory, and the “best dog ever,” a 7-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever named Cody.

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