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Fri, Mar 4, 2016

Protech is more than a software vendor, more than technology innovators. We are a family in all senses of the word. We take pride in our values and cherish our relationships. It’s the strength of our foundation that drives us forward and the depth of our passion that binds us together. We have a rich history full of fun facts and interesting stories. Here are just a few…

Protech's First OfficeLittle-known Milestones

  • 1984: Protech started in Frank Bruffey, Jr.’s home basement and grew to four employees. The basement office supported all functions of the business, including meetings and demos to prospective customers.
  • 1986: moved to shared offices in a large office building and grew to six employees in one year.
  • 1987: moved to a 500 square-foot apartment office and grew to eight employees. This office was referred to as the “Habit Trail” and the employee of the month was allowed to use a converted closet as their office.
  • 2016 will mark the 9th Fusion Customer Conference

The Bruffey Family – Nine family members currently work in the business:

  • Frank S. Bruffey, Jr. – Company Founder & Chairman of the Board – 31 years
  • Frank S. Bruffey, III – Founder & Chief Technology Officer – 31 years
  • Brian E. Bruffey – Chief Executive Officer – 28 years
  • Kevin M. Bruffey – VP Customer Services – 24 years
  • Maura L. Bruffey – Senior Project Manager – 22 years
  • Matt S. Bruffey – Director, CustomerCare – 13 years
  • Ryan A. Bruffey – Project Manager – 11 years
  • Kevin P. Bruffey – Account Executive – 3 years
  • Laura Bruffey – Quality Assurance Specialist – 2 years (founder's oldest grandchild)
  • Brian Bruffey, Jr. – IT consultant – 1 year (founder's second oldest grandchild)

The Protech Family:

  • 12 of the first 16 employees were family or classmates of family members. These 12 all attended the same high school in Burtonsville, Maryland.
  • 13 of the original 16 employees are still employed at Protech.
  • Our employees have staying power… Longest tenured non-Bruffeys:
    • Ray Gillespie30 years
    • Karin Schroeder27 years
    • Rob Roberts26 years
    • Meg Logan24 years
    • Mary Ann Roberts24 years
    • Ron Danaher21 years

 The Extended Protech Family - Longest customer relationships:

  • Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA)25 years
  • American Benefits Council (ABC)24 years
  • Food & Drug Law Institute (FDLI)20 years

Longest Customer Relationships

Location, Location, Location

  • With flexible telecommuting options, Protech’s staff hail from across the United States, including Lillye Crocker-Smith who is in California on the opposite coast from Protech’s headquarters in Maryland.
  • Protech also has software development offices in Argentina and India.

Protech's ValuesProtech’s Values:

  • Proven Methodologies; Protech combines its 30-plus years of experience with industry best practices. For example, we adopt agile software development methodology, but apply our experience to make this work for our business.
  • Respect; respect yourself, colleagues, customers and partners – “Treat Others the Way You Would Like to be Treated.”
  • Our Family; family always comes first.
  • Teamwork; there is no “I” in teamwork; everyone must work together to make great things happen.
  • Work Ethic; there’s no replacement for hard work. Working hard, working smart, is the foundation of our business.
  • Change; Protech embraces change; it’s vital that we are prepared to adapt and adjust the business as technology evolves and business models change.
  • Honesty; be candid and direct, open and honest with clear channels of communication, transparency, accountability and responsibility.

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