Increasing Member Engagement with Online Communities

Posted by Matt Bruffey

Wed, Mar 29, 2017

Increasing Member Engagement with Online CommunitiesWe recently held a joint webinar with online community giant Higher Logic, during which we highlighted the benefits of integrating Higher Logic’s online community with the Protech association management system (AMS).

We believe in the benefits so much that we use the same setup to run our own online community – the Protech Users Group (or PUG for short).

Connect with ProtechLink

It’s through a close partnership with the Higher Logic team that we’ve been able to develop ProtechLink for Higher Logic. ProtechLink tightly integrates our AMS with Higher Logic’s online community to provide the following benefits:

  • Single Sign-On – Seamlessly go back and forth between AMS and Higher Logic
  • Business Logic – Set up site permissions based on data in the AMS
  • Synchronization – Make changes in the online community that are reflected in real time in the AMS, and vice versa

PUG in Action

Over the years, I’ve spoken one-on-one with clients at our Fusion user conferences and they’ll ask me about specific processes they want to set up in our system. Many times they want to know if another client is doing the same thing and if I could connect them.

So, when developing PUG we knew we needed to create a friendly, online environment for our users to collaborate, network and discuss our solutions. We also wanted to be able to interact with more people within our clients’ organizations so we could learn more about their specific needs, which helps us improve our products.

We launched the online PUG community in 2015 with 50 users. Today we have 650 users.

Seeing Results

The ultimate goal of online communities is to make sure questions are answered quickly. And, since the question and answer is indexed and searchable, it benefits both the questioner and the community as a whole. In the past year, we’ve seen member-to-member engagement increase by 57 percent and significantly reduced redundant support requests coming in through CustomerCare.

Online communities also provide valuable insight into what matters to your members. Not only can you identify your most active members, but you can also determine and address trends. This helps you know what programs and content your members want so you can deliver on them, further showing your organization’s value to your members.

To learn more about how to integrate Higher Logic with Protech’s AMS, check out the webinar here.

About Matt Bruffey

Matt serves as Protech’s director of CustomerCare. In this role, Matt ensures customers receive the highest level of assistance while utilizing Protech’s application suite.



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